CEES NOOTEBOOM (THE NETHERLANDS) was born in 1933 in The Hague. At the age of seventeen he started working as a journalist, and soon he made his literary debut with the novel “Philip en de anderen” (1955). He published numerous books of poetry, fiction, travelogues and essays. He is the recipient of a number of important literary awards: the Bordewijk Prize and the Pegasus Prize for “Rituelen” (1980), the Aristeion European Prize for Literature for “Het volgende verhaal” (1991), while for his entire oeuvre he was awarded the Constantijn Huygens Prize, the Compostella Prize, the Hansischer Goethe Prize, the Austrian State Prize for European Literature, and the prestigious Dutch P.C. Hooft Award. Among numerous Nooteboom’s works, besides already mentioned, it is worth noting his novels “De ridder is gestorven”, “In Nederland”, “Mosukei!”, “Allerzielen”, story collections and many travel books: “De wereld een reiziger”, “De filosoof zonder ogen: Europese reizen”, “Nootebooms Hotel”, “De omweg naar Santiago”. Nooteboom’s works have been translated into more than twenty world languages.