ALDO NOVE, real name Antonello Satta Centanin, was born in 1967. Nove has a BA in Philosophy. He lives in Milan, translates form English, works for several daily papers (Il Corriere della sera, l’Unità, il Manifesto etc.) and magazines (among which is also the music magazine Rockstar). He writes lyrics for the rock band Democrazia Cristiana and the musician called Garbo. He is a big fan of porn. For a long time he was the copy editor at the eminent literary magazines Poesia and Testo a fronte. His first story collection Woobinda e altre storie senza lieto fine (Woobinda and Other Stories Without the Happy Ending) was published in 1996 and two years later the extended version was published under the title Superwoobinda. His novels are Puerto Plata market (1997) and Amore mio infinito (My Immortal Beloved, 2000). With Raul Montanari and Tiziano Scarpo in 2001 he wrote a book of poetry inspired by rock classics entitled Nelle galassie oggi come oggi. Covers (Just Today in the Galaxies. Covers). His poetry collection called Fuoco su Babilonia! (Fire on Babylon!) was published in 2003 and included poems written between 1984 and 1996. His stories have been published in various magazines and anthologies, some of them were staged and the author himself participated in many performances and public readings. Nove is currently completing his second novel.