PAOLO COGNETTI (ITALY) was born in 1978 in Milano. He studied mathematics, but then earned his degree in screenwriting from Milano Film School, only to become one of the co-founders of Cameracar Independent Productions. He worked as a camera operator, film editor or screenwriter on a number of documentaries engaging in social, political or literary topics: Vietato scappare, Isbam, Box, La note del leone, Rumore di fondo. His literary career began with two collections of stories, Manuale per ragazze di successo (2004) and Una cosa piccolo che sta per esplodere (2007), and continued with his 2012 novel Sofia veste sempre di nero. His second collection won two literary prizes (Premi Fucini and Premio Settembrini), while his novel was shortlisted for the distinguished Premio Campiello Award. Having spent time in New York on multiple occasions, he made a documentary series on New York writers called Scrivere/New York, while in 2010 he published a literary guide about New York City called New York è una finestra senza tende. In 2013 he published a diary on spending time alone in the mountains called Il ragazzo selvatico. Paolo Cognetti regularly publishes his essays and shorter texts at his blog: